The Can Opener


The Can Opener is a recognized social media consulting firm. We help enterprises and professionals develop and execute social media marketing strategy through a powerful strategy execution framework. The framework is called - "Last Mile Excellence".


A break-through product, amazing service, or advanced technology can put you in the race, but only rock-solid execution of a well-developed strategy can help you sustain and win the race. We integrate all of your sales and marketing efforts and make sure they're working in tandem. We focus on the execution stage of strategy at the multiple touch points where consumers touch brands today. We are about simplifying the idea so that it becomes easy to execute. We are specialized in:

  • Social Media Audit: Conduct a comprehensive social media audit to determine which social media networks have the most impact on your customers and where the biggest opportunities lie.
  • Social Media Marketing Strategy: Plan, execute and monitor social media marketing strategy.
  • Social Media Content Strategy: Develop engaging, fun and shareable content that supports your business goals.
  • Social Media Brand Engagement: Develop proactive conversations to engage your target audience in conversations in social media.
  • Social Media Contests Design: Ideate, innovate and execute social media contests and promotions to engage your fans and followers.
  • Social Media Event Marketing: Integrate social media channels with your events, shows, and conferences to boost brand awareness and increase participation.
  • Social Media Training: Conduct corporate workshops, training and seminars on social media tools, trends and best practices.
  • Online Reputation Management: Track keywords and trends associated with your brand to monitor online reputation management of your business.
  • Increase Social ROI: Utilize the best social media monitoring and analytical tools to monitor and measure social media campaigns.