The Can Opener


New inspired strategies require things need to be done differently. To build and align capabilities is a long journey.

Services We offer to help you build capability

  • Touch point gap analysis versus competitors and the strategic intent.
  • Touch Point value analysis: What is the under capitalised value of the touch point. For example the skills of your call centre may be underutilized or the potential positive buzz around your brand in an on-line forum is not being fully leveraged. The main purpose is to identify where hidden value lies within your existing organization.
  • A sane execution plan for all touch points with milestones and roadmaps.

Whether you are looking for a full service marketing team to manage all your social media marketing efforts or for piecemeal services like social media marketing, website optimization or LinkedIn marketing strategy, give us a shout on 1-917-259-1027 or drop us an email. We would love to hear from you.