The Can Opener

Strategy Execution

Based on our experience and of many other people like us who have succeeded in making a career by executing strategy, we have a simple framework for strategy execution. The Framework is called The Last Mile. Last Mile excellence is the first ever formalized process of executing sales and marketing strategy. It is not just about how you begin, it is about how well you finish that separates the champion company from its competitors.

The term 'The Last Mile' (sometimes called as 'The Last Kilometer') is closely associated with the wireless industry representing the final leg of delivering connectivity from a service provider to a customer. It is symbolic of the human connection between the service provider and the user – taking a service from the connection hub to the user's home.

‘The Last Mile’ framework is increasingly being accepted as a powerful strategy framework by the marketing and sales manager in most of the MNCs across the world. The aftermath of recession, the recent debt-crisis and the crumbling of Euro are putting pressure on the bottom lines of the organizations and enforcing the marketing and sales directors to batten down the hatches, slash the expenditure and zero in on the tactics that drive the sales growth. Instead of, they are emphasizing on examining the customer experience at the last mile and brand management by embedding customer voice in every aspect of their business.

We at The Can Opener take our clients through the following proven process of the Last Mile framework for marketing and sales strategy execution:

  • IDENTIFYING: Identifying consumer's journey across all touch points
  • ALIGNING: Creating a blueprint for aligning all touch points for successful execution
  • CAPABILITY: Building capability at all touch points to ensure execution
  • BEATING INERTIA: Figuring out what is it you will stop doing to free up resources for execution
  • MANAGEABILITY: Identifying KPIs and milestones for successful execution
  • SUSTAINABILITY: Creating a dynamic feedback loop to make execution sustainable
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