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Enterprise Social Media Consulting

Mr. BeeZee checked his LinkedIn account and was intrigued by an article on his feed. He was curious and started reading. The article was about this year's safe neighborhood ratings and new home developments in the city - posted by a small construction company. To cut the story short the climax is that Mr. BeeZee ended up buying a home with that construction company.

It has become common for businesses and companies to use social media to reach out to prospects. Running a smart social media campaign requires strategic planning and experience. Developing brand awareness to sell products, obtaining referrals to build loyalty and identifying customer needs to launch new arrivals - Social media works the best for everything! If implemented correctly, you can engage customers and build online communities through social media.

The Can Opener helps business enterprises implement the best social media programs and tools to utilize advanced analytics and insights.

Social Media Consulting Services

  • Twitter Marketing Consulting
  • Facebook Marketing Consulting
  • LinkedIn Marketing Consulting
  • YouTube Marketing Consulting
  • Social Media Brand Management Consulting
  • Social Media Copywriting, Posting and Engagement
  • Social Media Contests Design and Promotion

Whether you are looking for a full service marketing team to manage all your social media marketing efforts or for piecemeal services, like a social media marketing, website optimization or LinkedIn marketing strategy, give us a shout on 1-917-259-1027 or drop us an email. We always love to listen to your voice.