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Enterprise Social Media Strategy

Enterprises across the globe are leveraging the power of social media marketing to understand customers and increase sales. Social media marketing can make a positive difference to any enterprise and its profitability. The key is to implement it strategically. Interestingly, the number of successful social media marketing campaigns is not much, mainly due to poor execution strategies.

Many social media agencies are not aware that there are different social media platforms and techniques for designing strategies for different businesses. In different markets, a brand could follow the same social media platform but then the social media execution strategies for customer engagement and brand building should be different. Customer engagement process depends on the demographic characteristics more than on social media platforms and social media strategies should account for those differences.

At The Can Opener, we leverage the best industry resources to execute social media marketing plans for the world's most valuable brands. Our expertise in social media and technology helps our clients create maximum brand awareness and new business opportunities on popular social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+ and YouTube.

Social Media Services

  • Social Media Marketing Plan: Social Media Branding, Advertising, Campaign Management, Copywriting, Posting and Engagement
  • Facebook Management: Facebook Marketing Strategy, Facebook Fans Engagement Strategy, Social Events Marketing and Promotion, Facebook Contests Design, Respond to Comments & Replies
  • Twitter Management: Twitter Marketing Strategy, Twitter Advertising (Promoted Tweets, Trends, Accounts)
  • LinkedIn Management: LinkedIn Marketing Strategy, LinkedIn Advertising, LinkedIn Groups Promotion, LinkedIn Groups Campaign Management
  • Pinterest: Pinterest Marketing Strategy and Management
  • YouTube Management: YouTube Account Management, Advertisement Campaigns, and Video Promotion
  • Social Media Monitoring and Reporting: Social Media activity monitoring, Tracking User Behavior, Customers insights, Reporting and Recommendations.
Whether you are looking for a full service marketing team to manage all your social media marketing efforts or for piecemeal services, like social media marketing, website optimization or LinkedIn marketing strategy, give us a shout on 1-917-259-1027 or drop us an email. We always love to hear from you.