The Can Opener


The Can Opener is a recognized social media marketing agency that develops and integrates social media strategy with your events, shows, and conferences to increase awareness, word of mouth marketing and participation. We develop strategy specifically tailored to your event goals, and monitor social media activity on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ and other networks.


  • Identify: Work closely with the management to understand the goals of the event
  • Evaluate: Evaluate the existing communication process and touch points; define the target market and audience
  • Decide: Social media channels, tools and tactics
  • Collaborate: Work with the conference secretariat/ event organizer to ensure the same message is being delivered across all touch points (communication points)
  • Integrate: Integrate social media links with all event touch points including web, brochures and mobile apps
  • Execute: Implement social media marketing strategy by acting as an 'execution catalyst'
  • Engage: Listen and monitor the conversations on all platforms
  • Report: Prepare monthly progress report and strategic session
Whether you are looking for a full service marketing team to manage all your social media marketing efforts or for piecemeal services like social media marketing, website optimization or LinkedIn marketing strategy, give us a shout on 1-917-259-1027 or drop us an email. We would love to hear from you.