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The Burning Platform - Issues in Strategy Execution

The most common reason why 'inspired' strategies fail is not because they are bad strategies but because they are not well executed. It is becoming increasingly clear that the biggest form of corporate resource waste is poorly executed strategy. Data shows that 90% of strategic initiatives either fail or are changed within one year.

In today's time, customers are more capricious than ever. Marketing directors should not only focus on building the right strategy, they should focus on implementation of those strategies carefully to make more transactions take place.

Just because a certain method of communication or strategy works on Twitter, it doesn’t mean it will work on Facebook or LinkedIn. There needs to be specific strategy for each social media platform, and brand engagement strategy developed based on the data received from each platform.


  • Lack of alignment
  • Unable to visualise success
  • Unable to choose the right platform for a particular brand
  • Unable to manage multiple social media platforms
  • Unable to match a brand’s ‘voice’ to fit the audience in particular platform
  • "One-size-fits-all" approach
  • Lack of in-house skill sets
  • No 'after-hours' strategy
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